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Princess Harmony =]

28 August
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Basically, everyone knows me as Tiffani, a 17 y/o girl from Massachusetts. The nerdy, fashion-lover with big eyelashes. The princess, but clearly, there's a lot more. A lot of people do not know my past, mainly because I shut out that portion of my life. I have a younger brother and sister, whom I don't live with. (I live with my grandparents.)I'm all about "living for the future", probably because my futureis so planned out for me already that I just want to get to the good parts. "When I grow up.."I am basically going to be a crime scene investigator and a psychiatrist. Howeverm, I do have many other aspirations including a memoire, an orphanage, a charitable organizationfor homeless and abused animals, and teaching a class at a prestigious college on religious iconology. The ideas vary, clearly. However, these are my dreams.
I have been involved in numerous school activities including secretary of Best Buddies, which works to better the lives of students who are mentally challenged at our high schools, editor of my high school newspaper (The Spray), treasurer of the Spanish Club, vice president on the Renaissance Committee, student council, poetry club, international club, drama club (Me and My Girl), Tomorrows Teachers, and other regular highschool stuff.
Dont let the nerdy stuff fool ya, I love hanging out, getting drunk, and my boyfriend, jonathan bergstein ♥
I love Fall Out Boy, Hellogoodbye, the Used, deathcab for cutie, the bravery, click five, ashlee simpson, dashboard confessional, britney spears (shut up), the killers, jack johnson, kelly clarkson, mariah carey, tyler hilton, my chemical romance, story of the year, simple plan, evanescence, ray j , frankie j, t pain, saje francis, little brother, ugly duckling, the non-prophets, WHY, PSC, yellowcard, etc ♥
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