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Boyfriend app ♥

Age / Birthday:
Location (City, State):
Dating Status:
Do you drive?
Are you still in highschool?
- If yes to above, which school?
- If no to above, are you in college? If yes, which:
Do you have a job?
Do you smoke?
Do you drink?

Eye Color:
Hair Color / Style:

Favorite music (bands / genres):
Do you go to shows?
Favorite foods:
Favorite movies / films / TV shows:
Favorite websites:

Are you a virgin?
Do you like sex / sexual acts?
Thoughts on cuddling, being close, holding hands, etc.?
Do you dislike PDA?

Would you call me or text message me randomly / on your own?
Would you visit me at work or meet me for lunch?

Would we take pictures of us together?
Would you talk about me to your friends?
Would you put me in your profiles (mySpace/AIM/etc.)?

Optionally, what is your:
Phone number?
Messenger screenname (AIM/Yahoo/MSN/etc.)?
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