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Grade: 'O6

barbeques. summer. boys. cali. best friends. flip flops. mixed drinks. dancing. music. concerts. sleep. my bf. animals. the roadhouse. the fort. being italian. my mom. staying out late. being vegetarian. reading. smart people. pink lemonade. meatless wendys. psych class. best buddies int. my princess kitty. emma. family guy. veronica mars. laguna beach. k cavs. lc. lo. talan. stephen. alex m. fashion. teen vogue. being myself. dorks. shoppin. csi. the beach. cars. el jay.
slow computers. drama. casey. jason. bugs. homework. school. physics. meat
jack johnson. james blunt. alex murrel. ashlee simpson. fall out boy. hellogoodbye. death cab. mariah carey. britney spears.

Where is your boy tonight
I hope, he is a gentleman.
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Ummm......whoa [3. 27. 06 // @ 12 : 19 pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Yeah, definetly whoa lately.
This weekend, I stayed at my moms house, and ended up staying a lot longer than planned. I don't know why, but it's just like all of the sudden I actually want to stay at my moms... I suppose it could be the alternative- staying at my gmas... my gma who hates me btw.. but so yeah today after-school I'm going to get my princess (maybe) and more clothes.
Aaaaand... I quit my stupid job. Which was so long overdue, you know? I worked at Wendy's for almost a year and a half. I've gone through a year and a half of that TORTURE! Now I'm finally out. I just need something different; I just dreaded going to that place because of the people. So now I need to get a different job. Mom says Dunkin Donuts... at least they get tips! More later... cause I'm in school right now!


YAY! [3. 17. 06 // @ 12 : 15 pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Yay! I can graduate. I didn't even have to go to the stupid meeting with the principal because I went to guidance, asked them for a list of my absences, typed up a absence comment list (reasons for my absences). Then, I stopped by the nurse's office to ask her if she could take a look at them and give me her opinion whether or not I should try to get more doctor's notes (literally on a whim) and she excused me for five of my twelve absences, putting me well under the restriction! YAY! So now I feel so less stressed out, but there's still a lot of things I have to deal with... more later because I'm going to my mom's (hopefully) tomorrow, and I'll be able to use her computer. =)


omg...worst! [3. 15. 06 // @ 12 : 28 pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Ugh I am so stressed out right now! I might not be able to graduate! I have to present an appeal in front of the principal and superintendent! More later.... !


So long; [3. 12. 06 // @ 12 : 04 am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Well, I'm leaving my parents house tomorrow, so that means I won't be able to get online for a while. =(. I can still post at school but, =\ the computers are sucky. I hope I can get my computer fixed a.s.a.p.!


1st icon! [3. 11. 06 // @ 11 : 57 pm]
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[3. 11. 06 // @ 9 : 47 pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

like my new layout?! I DO!


>sigh ♥ [3. 5. 06 // @ 4 : 32 pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

well, it turns out that my computer was not fixed. first, its my comp, and now its my net. ugh! but anyways, ill be postin for a couple days cause im at my moms til wednes and then im going to brians til friday so yep! love yahs

ps. we had a crew meeting at work today and i had to spend 2 hrs in the same room with kevin =( .. but as a plus we got to try the new frescata sandwiches- *


Woo hoo [2. 4. 06 // @ 10 : 59 am]
[ mood | awake ]

Well now that my internet is finally working again, I decided to change my layout... for now at least, its Ashlee Simpson. The sidebar is still being updated.


Boyfriend app ♥ [1. 6. 06 // @ 2 : 45 pm]
Age / Birthday:
Location (City, State):
Dating Status:
Do you drive?
Are you still in highschool?
- If yes to above, which school?
- If no to above, are you in college? If yes, which:
Do you have a job?
Do you smoke?
Do you drink?

Eye Color:
Hair Color / Style:

Favorite music (bands / genres):
Do you go to shows?
Favorite foods:
Favorite movies / films / TV shows:
Favorite websites:

Are you a virgin?
Do you like sex / sexual acts?
Thoughts on cuddling, being close, holding hands, etc.?
Do you dislike PDA?

Would you call me or text message me randomly / on your own?
Would you visit me at work or meet me for lunch?

Would we take pictures of us together?
Would you talk about me to your friends?
Would you put me in your profiles (mySpace/AIM/etc.)?

Optionally, what is your:
Phone number?
Messenger screenname (AIM/Yahoo/MSN/etc.)?

just say goodbye.... [1. 3. 06 // @ 5 : 06 pm]
[moodImage hosted by Photobucket.com determined]
(greg looks so hot)

eating/drinking: sunchipsCollapse )/coke zeroCollapse )
idolizing: adriannaCollapse )

Highlights of Xmas 05:
♥ IPod
♥ portable DVD player
♥ digital camera
♥ new cell
♥ jonathan

Lowlights of Xmas 05:
♥ the whole fucking Kevin drama... :-/

...more later, but how was everyone elses christmas/new year?

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